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We know you want to know more about where all our ideas come from and we are not one of those people who hide in the dark. We are proud of who we are. We would love it if you’re proud of yourself too. So, don’t to share your thoughts with us via the contact page or via our official Email.

Thank you for spending time with us!

Who we are: Thoughts And Belief

Cogwheels of Thoughts And Belief

We are a group of fifteen (and growing!) badass psychologists and mentalists set to simplify your life just as we do for our patients, friends, near and dear ones.

Thoughts and Belief is made to create an independent platform for the unique-most thoughts, stories, and discoveries from the field of modern science and psychology.

Why Thoughts And Belief?

Cogwheels of Thoughts And Belief

We decided to make a website during an afternoon coffee at our Campus Gala. It is the result of hours of consulting hundreds and thousands of young minds on our campus to target the real problems each of us encounters in life. Our precious conclusions and research are what we have at your disposal!

Be sure to use it for self-help to the improvement of your daily habits. If you do so, you’ve completed our mission.

Some of us are students, while others are experts in psychology from different corners of the world. You will find us in ages of 17 to 55 years, thanks to the brilliant minds we can find in our exemplary campus here in Baltimore, USA.

The diversity is what makes our work unique.

We compiled the factual data in psychology to science, closely embedded in each of our posts to enlighten your neurons. This is to show you the reality of manifestation techniques for your thoughts and beliefs.

We hate fake things and are proud to offer you nothing but the 100% unique. If you want the background data on any of our posts, all you have to do is drop us a comment right below the post or contact us via our email page.

We are just like you, he or she, with a mission to expose all the secrets in the field of thoughts and beliefs that man has unreeled!

Our Mission At Thoughts And Belief

Cogwheels of Thoughts And Belief

  • We aim to uphold the ideals of human thoughts and belief systems that govern our subconscious minds to offer direct solutions for problems of the mind, emotions and spiritual center.

  • We aim to show you simple ways to apply complex neuro-psychological theories to detox your mind.
  • We aim to project actionable steps concerning manifestation techniques for law of attraction.
  • We aim to simplify what we have learned about unlocking subconscious mind power for success.
  • We aim to aide and show goal setting techniques for business.
  • We aim to fulfill your needs for manifesting money mantra no one has seen as it is from the Secret Archives!
  • We aim to help you achieve the unlimited success our team has achieved in the past few months.
  • We aim to portray ways to attract abundance from the universe.
  • We aim to change your DNA for wealth.
  • We aim to decipher ways to use Law of Attraction to attract Love and Money.
  • We aim to negate the problems you have with health, both mental and physical.
  • We are here to pave your path to financial, emotional and mental freedom.

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What do we want to do …

Cogwheels of Thoughts And Belief

That being said, here’s a little backstory on how we want to save you …

Did you know that each of us speaks up to 500 thoughts every minute to ourselves?

It is called self-talk. If someone were to blast 500 new things or cynical judgments at you every minute of every day of your waking hours, would you thrash or hug the person?

Knowing that these self-talks rewire the brain, we have created the best worksheets and activities to explore the true secrets of your brain. The same is why we ensure that every blog post we write truly helps you.

The proof is the free eBook of revolutionary ideas we have stored for you.

We are here to unravel the mysteries existing above your neck, and urge you to take the rest elsewhere!

Before You Go: Contribute to us

Cogwheels of Thoughts And Belief

We want everyone to be free.

And, the best way to do so is by helping others in areas that you’re adept in. As a result, we are ready to spend all our time.

Are you ready to help your brothers and sisters?

If so, write to us about your story applying any of the techniques we have discussed or one’s devised on your own.

Moreover, Stay happy because every time you frown, your brain is killing itself …