Secret Rituals to Attract Abundance from the universe

As we learned last week about abundance mindset, it will be easy to attract abundance for you. Prosperity and good fortune are the results of your thoughts. Heard the song, ‘heaven is a place on earth’? It is true. This post will show you cleverest ways to attract abundance like the wealthiest do!

To attract abundance that equates to heaven, all you need is mindfulness and the 4 core strategies below!

Define Abundance Attraction Techniques

Secret Rituals to Attract abundance from the universe

Ever wondered how the millionaire and billionaires attract abundance? This is because they have accepted abundance, to start with. If you’re perpetually focusing on the lack of things, you’re addicted to the ‘scarcity mindset’. Referred to as a toxic result of unhealthy thoughts, scarcity mindset kills the good fortune that comes your way.

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How to Attract Abundance: Story of a Man who made the Theory Practical!

Secret Rituals to Attract Abundance from the universe

When Reza Habib, a cognitive scientist admitted 22 people to take part in a social experiment, she wasn’t sure of the outcomes.  In brief, 11 people in Habib’s experiment consisted of pathological gamblers or people with a history of gambling while the other half displayed no compulsive gambling behaviors.

When studied, the pathological gamblers were excited when they won. More importantly, they registered a ‘near miss’ as a ‘win’ according to the MRI scan while non-pathological gamblers had a neutral reaction to ‘near miss’ and ‘loss’.

The inference is, people tend to register many ‘near-misses’ as wins, making them into habits. For example, if drinking a new brand of chocolate milk gives you the same satisfaction as your favorite brand of chocolate milk, your neurons will react to the new taste identically to the old, depending on your genetic makeup.

To attract abundance, you need to get rid of your maladaptive thoughts. In short, the harm of our thoughts is more than what we know. If you’re focused on the bad, the good will never come!

4 Strategies to Attract Abundance from the Universe

Secret Rituals to Attract Abundance from the universe

The nature around us is not against you. If you ever faced depression or anxiety about financial worries, this is your chance to change it all. And, all you need to do is apply the four important strategies to attract abundance directly from the universe/

1.    Conversation Chemistry

The etiquette of conversing opens us to many dimensions of life. Conversation chemistry helps you outline the key points easily to make a conversation enigmatic. All you need to do is use the simple lessons in this free copy of conversation chemistry. Get it now by clicking HERE!

2.    Mind Map

Don’t know about mind map? It is a 21st century method to cultivate abundance using structured thoughts. Unlike general consensus, making a mind map is very easy. Don’t think so? Here’s a post we made to simplify mind mapping for you. It hacks into subconscious mind power, so HURRY!

3.    Positive Affirmations

The next crucial way to create a system that attracts abundance from the universe is by creating positive affirmations. You can start by listing the negative affirmations and then, write positive affirmations for each thought.

In a Nutshell

Want really practical ways? We got you!

As a bonus tip, try mindfulness today. It is known to create a powerful mechanism that perpetually attracts abundance. If you feel like you need substantial support to attract abundance from the universe, our free copy of the bestseller book that helped millions will help you too!

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Secret Rituals to Attract Abundance from the universe


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